The Centre for Architecture Belgrade realized the Women in Architecture project during 2013. This book, as its result, showcases the work and experiences of women architects in Serbia since the beginning of the 20th century until today.

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Branka Prpa et al., eds., To Live in Belgrade 1-6: Documents of Belgrade City Administration (Belgrade: Historical Archives of Belgrade, 2003-2008).

The heading of this text might have been just as well How I read the 3,000 pages that weren’t written to be read at all or Manual for urbanization of small oriental towns or The things they did not teach us in history classes or...

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Nataša Danilović Hristić: Safety in Urban Spaces, in Serbian (Belgrade: Orion art, 2013). The book Safety in Urban Spaces is the result of the PhD thesis of Mrs. Danilović Hristić, providing a scientific definition of the criteria for safety in urban public spaces.

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The Centre for Architecture Belgrade is proud to have a series of studies on housing research in our archive, prepared by the former Centre for Housing of the IMS Institute.

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Bulletins of the former Centre for housing, published in 1970s and the beginning of 1980s, at the time when the Centre for housing, as part of the IMS Institute, was active, are a valuable testimony not only of their work, but of the general state and way of work and thinking in architecture and urban planning of that period. Bulletins featured reviews of designs, competition entries and realizations, but also researches and theory.

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Maroje Mrduljaš and Vladimir Kulić, eds., Unfinished Modernisations: Between Utopia and Pragmatism (Zagreb: UHA, 2012) As the Western masters have been studied thoroughly in the past (information on architects and their work was easily accessible, for various reasons, such as the longevity and marketing skills of the most prominent figures and the large number of their students and followers), contemporary researchers of the Modern turn to the less-known field of former socialist Europe, USSR and the so-called third world countries.

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This book represents the first comprehensive framing and treatment of the most important new development in Danish architecture of the 2000s. In the first years after 2000, a young generation of architects hit Danish architecture with renewed energy.

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New issue of magazine DaNS (73-74) is dedicated to the new generation of architects: Autori, re:a.c.t., Antipod, team of architects from FTN Novi Sad, a2arhitektura, im.architectur, 4of7. The theme of new architectural ideas includes a text by the Centre for Architecture entitled Instead of a manifesto.

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U četvrtak, 10. maja u 11 sati u prostoru Kafe-kluba iznad knjižare Službenog glasnika, Kneza Miloša 16, održaće se promocija knjige "Antologija Arhitekture i Civilizacije" autora arhitekte Aleksandre Mokranjac.

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Nedavno je izašao novi broj časopisa ARD review 39/2012. I dalje tvrdimo da je ovaj neobični časopis praktično jedina periodična publikacija koja se kod nas bavi kritičkim i naučno zasnovanim promišljanjem na temu arhitekture i grada.

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