Nataša Danilović Hristić: Safety in Urban Spaces, in Serbian (Belgrade: Orion art, 2013). The book Safety in Urban Spaces is the result of the PhD thesis of Mrs. Danilović Hristić, providing a scientific definition of the criteria for safety in urban public spaces.

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With the technical assistance of the Centre for Architecture Belgrade, Municipality of Požega submitted the application of the recently reconstructed main city square for the  European Prize for Urban Public Space.

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The first international academic conference Places and Technologies 2014 will be held at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade on April 3rd and 4th 2014, with the aim to explore and present papers, studies and projects dealing with the improvement of city spaces using technologies. The conference is organized in partnership between the Faculty of Architecture Belgrade, UrbanLab and the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, and the official new media partner of the conference will be the  Centre for Architecture Belgrade.

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Preservation of the Cultural Landscape and Built Heritage represents the framework of the urban plan for the town of Perast. Perast is located on the south-western slope of the Sveti Ilija hill, opposite the Verige strait, the natural entrance into the inner Kotor-Risan basin of the branchy Bokokotorski Bay. The town of Perast is a protected urban area which is part of the Natural and Cultural-Historical Region of Kotor inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list.

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Brownfields in the city of Banjaluka and their relevance for its' urban history and memory.

The brownfield sites found across the City of Banja Luka are devastated and disused industries and military bases, run-down and abandoned public facilities, like hospitals, prisons, schools, cultural centres, neighbourhood centres, etc., residential buildings, as well as abandoned railway facilities and utility infrastructure, even neglected green areas.

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Department for Communities and Local Government of England published The National Planning Policy Framework in 2012.

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The project Urban pockets of Belgrade deals with abandoned urban spaces with the aim of including the local community in their improvement and activation based on the principles of sustainable design. With an appropriate intervention these spaces can become part of daily life of local residents and present an important contribution to the overall quality of life in the neighborhood.

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A lecture on the application of the Urban Design Compendium was held at the Faculty for construction manqagement of the Union University in Belgrade on 22.2.2013. On behalf of the Centre for Architecture Belgrade this publication was presented to architecture students by editors Goran Petrović and Darko Polić.

FGM, Lecture, Priručnik za urbani dizajn, Urban design, Urban Design Compendium

Superkilen urban park by Danish architecture studio BIG, Berlin-based landscape architecture studio TOPOTEK1 and artists group SUPERFLEX from Copenhagen, conceived as a giant exhibition of urban best practice by incorporating everyday objects from more than 60 different cultures, constitutes a rare fusion of architecture, landscape and art.

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Sve je aktuelnije pitanje da li se može, i na koji način, izmeriti uticaj dobro oblikovanog (javnog) gradskog prostora? Pitanje je izuzetno značajno ako imamo u vidu rezultate u našoj sredini.
Urbanistički dokumenti po zakonu sadrže "uslove oblikovanja i građenja" i na taj način usmeravaju sve one koji se bave realizacijom prostora na određena pravila oblikovanja (dizajna).
Izuzetno je zanimljiv projekate organizacije Design Council CABE koja će organizovati stručnjake i održati forum, a koji je moguće pratiti uživo preko:

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