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Bulletins of the former Centre for housing, published in 1970s and the beginning of 1980s, at the time when the Centre for housing, as part of the IMS Institute, was active, are a valuable testimony not only of their work, but of the general state and way of work and thinking in architecture and urban planning of that period. Bulletins featured reviews of designs, competition entries and realizations, but also researches and theory.

The editor was arch. Božidar Janković, the author of numerous outstanding buildings, like the blocks 22 and 23 at New Belgrade. Authors include dr M. Čanak, B. Janković, B. Karadžić, prof. A. Stjepanović, Ž. Kara-Pešić, dr I. Janković, prof. dr K. Petovar, D. Simić, P. Napijalo, N. Novakov, S. Kovačević, prof. M. Timotijević…

All volumes have a summary with abstracts in English.

Informacije, Bilten Centra za stanovanje Instituta IMS

(Informations, Bulletin of the Centre for Housing of the IMS Institute)

The library of the Centre for Architecture Belgrade has the following volumes of this magazine, in original or digital form (that can be downloaded at this page):

Bilten CS 15

Bilten CS 16

Bilten CS 17

Bilten CS 18 (only in digital form)

Bilten CS 19

Bilten CS 20

Bilten CS 21

Bilten CS 22

Bilten CS 23

Bilten CS 24 (only in digital form)

Bilten CS 26

Bilten CS 27

Bilten CS 28

Bilten CS 29-30

We wish to thank our colleague Đorđe Alfirević, as well as our friends from the organization Group of architects, who have let us use their scanned material. More info on the work of the former Centre for Housing, as well as on the activities of the informal association of the same name, founded in 2012, can be found at

The Centre for Architecture Belgrade also has the magazines that were published at the same time by the Centre for prestressed concrete of the IMS Institute. Besides the more technical articles, these bulletins also featured interesting texts on architecture. The editor was dr Ivan Petrović, the pioneer of research in the field of (architectural) design methodology. Along with the names of authors who contributed in the Bulletins of the Centre for Housing, this magazine featured, besides I. Petrović, articles by others, like dr I. Svetel or prof. Z. Lazović.

This magazine was published as:

Bilten IMS

(IMS Bulletin)

Year I, No. 1, January 1974 to Year XI, No. 5-6, November 1984.

Bilten Instituta IMS

(IMS Institute Bulletin)

No. 1, January 1986 to No. 1-2, December 1993.

All listed volumes are available in original (paper) form. If you have some volumes yourself (especially the ones that we do not have), scanned or on paper, contact us!


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