Almaški kraj is a specific part of the centre of Novi Sad, characteristic not onlz for its rich heritage, but also for the demonstrated resolution of its residents to preserve their neighbourhood. The Centre for Architecture Belgrade has been supporting the activities of NGO Almašani almost from their beginning.

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The Centre for Architecture Belgrade realized the Women in Architecture project during 2013. This book, as its result, showcases the work and experiences of women architects in Serbia since the beginning of the 20th century until today.

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Branka Prpa et al., eds., To Live in Belgrade 1-6: Documents of Belgrade City Administration (Belgrade: Historical Archives of Belgrade, 2003-2008).

The heading of this text might have been just as well How I read the 3,000 pages that weren’t written to be read at all or Manual for urbanization of small oriental towns or The things they did not teach us in history classes or...

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Summer school of architecture takes place in Kotor again this year, traditionally in a prison where, probably, we all belong.

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Topic: „The methodology of conservation and restoration of brick walls, lime and mud systems & management of energy consumption”

The Summer school of Architecture takes place in Bač,Vojvodina, Serbia, 25-30 August 2013

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Topic: “Facilities of technical culture: recycling, restoration and reuse for the purpose of the heritage management in Bač municipality” Time line: 23rd – 26th August The Summer School of Architecture is a scientific and educational project of “The Group of Architects” that was established in 2010. The main idea of this project is to bring together experts and students of architecture from the Southern and Central Europe region to work on a common task – the research of various aspects of the potential development of buildings and areas listed and protected as a national heritage. The focus of research is on the aspects of sustainable development of the architectural and urban heritage. This research is conducted through practical analysis and field work.

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