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About Us

The Centre for Architecture Belgrade is an independent organisation, acting as the national centre for sustainable development in the field of architecture, urban planning, habitation and related areas.

The founders of the Centre for Architecture have been working together on various projects for years, always in accordance with key principles that this organization is based on.

Also, we persistently address our colleagues and broad public through organization or participation in various conferences, exhibitions, lectures and other events.



Goran Petrović, M. Arch., Chairman

Goran graduated from Belgrade University, Faculty of Architecture. He is actively involved in architectural research and design, with his main focus at the implementation of contemporary methodologies, technologies and research results in the field of architecture and town planning.

Over the period of more than ten years of practice, he earned significant experience in various projects – from rehabilitation of protected cultural monuments and design of new structures in protected zones, to interior design, housing projects and industrial facilities.

Lectures, papers and publications, as well as organization of workshops and other events aimed at raising awareness of the significance of new approaches in architecture and town planning form an important part of his activities.

Goran believes that people want good architecture.


Vanja Petrović, M. Arch., Managing Director

After graduating from Belgrade University, Faculty of Architecture, Vanja focused on innovative and integral approach to architectural design and urban planning.

During several years of practice in one of the oldest design offices in Belgrade, he was involved in complex projects dealing with design of residential buildings, urban planning and project management. At the same time, he participated in design and realization of most innovative interior spaces in Belgrade.

He gained important experience as the managing director of an architectural bureau and through cooperation with most prominent names of the international architectural scene.

Also, he published a large number of articles on contemporary architecture in various publications. He is involved in organization of lectures, exhibitions and other events aimed at promoting architecture.

Vanja believes that spaces can enrich and educate people.


Darko Polić, M. Arch., M. Sc., Ph.D., Urban Planning Expert

Darko is involved in urban planning and design, as well as design of urban public spaces. He finished his graduate and post-graduate studies at Belgrade University, Faculty of Architecture. Dedicated to theoretic and practical research in the field of urban design, with emphasis on design of public spaces.

He gained his professional experience at the Town Planning Institute of Novi Sad, through various tasks related to urban planning, design and management. Special focus of his work is at zones of cultural heritage and the use of heritage as resource for contemporary urban development.

Through years of editorial work at the DaNS architectural magazine, as well as conferences and other public appearances, he actively promotes various aspects of good urban design and quality urban planning and architecture in Serbia.

Darko believes that well-designed urban public space is a resource for sustainable urban development.



Mira Divac, Creative Director

Mira works on preparation and organization of events in various fields of design and art. She has already realized numerous projects – from classic exhibitions and conference programmes to multimedia installations.

Her first work experiences were at projects of development of brand platforms and realization of marketing campaigns for some of the most prominent Serbian and global brands.

For several years she worked as producer, and later executive and programme director of the largest festival of creative industries in this part of Europe – Belgrade Design Week.

She gained valuable experience as the chief editor of a high-circulation lifestyle publication and creative director of the first concept-store in Belgrade.

Mira believes in design in all its shapes and manifestations.