Safety in Urban Spaces

Nataša Danilović Hristić: Safety in Urban Spaces, in Serbian (Belgrade: Orion art, 2013).

The book Safety in Urban Spaces is the result of the PhD thesis of Mrs. Danilović Hristić, providing a scientific definition of the criteria for safety in urban public spaces.

Although the subject is fundamentally related to sociology, politicology, psychology and criminology, it becomes important in everyday functioning of the cities and, thus, important in processes of planning, design and urban design in general.

This publication gives the definition of the term safety and also offers the strategy for providing safety in public urban spaces. The research was based on the analysis of safety in Belgrade, from social and economic aspect. As a result, recommendations and guides for providing safety through urban planning are defined. Besides the practical contribution to clarifying the problem of safety, we emphasize the significance of the scientific importance of establishing the relation between this issue and city urban system.

The topic of safety in public urban spaces is much discussed on global level, through present and frequent fascination with measures for prevention in reduction of urban violence and terrorism effects, while the personal sense of safety is on top of list of demands when it comes to evaluation of the quality of urban life and competitiveness of cities and settlements.

Author of the rewiew: Darko Polić.


Book, Nataša Danilović Hristić, Safety, Urban design, Urban planning

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