Dubravka Đukanović, architect – conservator and the Director of the Novi Sad based architectural office Studio D'Art, as part of the current project by CAB: Women in Architecture, talks about her versatile career, the importance of architectural heritage and the influence of interpersonal relations on architecture.

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Ivana Anja Milić, technical director and co-founder of one of the biggest privately owned construction companies in Serbia– Arhi.pro, as part of the current project CAB: Women in architecture, talks about her professional development, the state of architecture in Serbia and the position of women in architecture, and gives advice to young colleagues.

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The Centre for Architecture Belgrade, in cooperation with BLOK Conference, invites you to attend and participate in the discussion on women in architecture, which will be held on the first day of the fifth BLOK Conference, on October 10th 2013, around 4 PM, as part of the main programme of the Conference.

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Snežana Vesnić, founding partner of the architectural studio Neoarhitekti from Belgrade and an award-winning author, as part of the project by CAB: Women in architecture, speaks about her most important projects, the complexity of architecture, stereotypes and the importance of making the right decision in architecture. 

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Jelica Jovanović writes about Ivanka Raspopović, one of the most enigmatic figures of our modern architecture, known above all by great projects done in cooperation with prof. Ivan Antić, as part of the current project by CAB: Women in Architecture.

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Žaklina Gligorijević, a renowned urban planner, shares with us her experiences of different roles an architect can play in his/her career. This is another in the series of texts within the project by CAB: Women in Architecture.

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We can not talk about the history and success of Energoprojekt without considering Milica Šterić, the founder and director for many years of its architectural and structural department. As part of the current project by CAB: Women in Architecture, architect Marija Pavlović introduces us to the fruitful career of  Milica Šterić and her importance in the Yugoslav architecture after the Second World War.

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Jelenа Atаnаcković Jeličić, PhD, the first graduated architect from the Faculty of technical sciences in Novi Sad, and today a teacher there herself, as part of the current project by CAB: Women in Architecture, speaks about Novi Sad school of architecture, her work with students and the architecture today.

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One of the most successful Serbian architects of the younger generation, Grozdana Šišović from the architectural studio re:act, as part of the current project by CAB: Women in Architecture speaks about the female contribution to teamwork and dedication necessary to achieve success.  

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Second Girls High School

The author of several monumental buildings that still stand in the heart of Belgrade, Milica Krstić Čolak Antić has broken all prejudice on women in architecture by her professional and personal example.

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