Month of Design in Ljubljana

Centre for Architecture Belgrade invites you to visit this fall one of the most interesting and biggest creative festivals in Southeast Europe – Ljubljana’s  Month of Design, organized by Zavod BIG.

Although a relatively young event, the Month of Design brings future into the present moment and is intended for all those who wish to experience future – today. Read their  Manifesto!

Month of Design is the first development oriented and proactive platform in Southeast Europe, or to put it simply, a visionary “industry and craft fair of good design and creativity”, that brings together 18 fields – from enterior design to transportation, from fashion to medicine, as well as 11 creative activities, so-called “creative industries” such as design, architecture, advertising etc., all based on personal creativity, knowledge and talent.

Don’t miss the forward exhibition event Design Expo, that will captivate you first with the exhibition space, and then with the exhibit itself, provocative cocktail presentations and shows on the Stage 180o. Attend the annual slovenian design award, and the conferences Embedded design and the Finnish experience and Food and Health: future scenarios now.

Visit the exhibitions Timeless Slovenian Design and Little tourist architecture, as well as unique events Eat&Drink Design and Flower&Fashion Design. As part of the whole month of Design in the city you can visit over 50 exhibitions and event in various locations in Ljubljana’s center. This year’s conference emphasizes the visionary and the interdisciplinary.

This year the organizers would like to connect the notions of future and eternity, and motivate the visitors to become part of this intent as well as to start thinking about their own future. After all, future is not someplace we go to, but rather someplace we create for ourselves. It is therefore no accident that this year’s conference is being organized in the collaboration with the review Scenario and the experts for the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies.

Month of design in numbers: 200 exhibitors / 150 performers / 10.000 m2 of exhibition space.

We invite you to create the future with us!

Through the Centre for Architecture Belgrade you can  receive a discount of 50% on the registration fee for this festival.

Photo credits: © NASA archive and Milena Zindović


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