Home Automation II

In the second sequel of the series of posts on domotics, prepared by The Centre for Architecture Belgrade in cooperation with Cubo Control company from Belgrade, we further investigate the advantages of application of contemporary automated systems in your home. If you missed some of the previous posts, you may find them here

Savings = Money

The essence of this concept is in the uniqueness of the ambience and its change, which only an automation system can continually provide. However, the story of the light does not end here. The amenities of domotics solutions are the various simulations of presence in those periods when the space is empty (according to the USA statistics, an extremely efficient burglary deterrent) – the periodical turning on of the (low consumption) lights and, if necessary, the sounds, proves to be an efficient and a very sophisticated anti-burglar system. The reassurance that the building, especially a business space, is additionally protected and that every unexpected movement is recorded and instantly forwarded at the desired phone numbers and emails is a definite advantage of such systems.

Light control systems from different locations and devices give a totally new dimension to a home or business space, and combined with the regulation of natural light through automated blinds and the angle at which the natural light enters a space, you get an effective solution, impossible to obtain without a domotics system.

Create you own system which will make your space unique and of superior quality at an affordable price.

Protect Yourself, Your Loved Ones, Your Home, Business Space or Holiday Home

I am sure you all know the situation- the plumbing bursts in a kitchen or a bathroom, either because of old installations or sudden temperature drops. A flood, irreversible damage to the floors, the walls, to the neighbors’ apartments, having to redo everything…

The solution- install the flood sensors on the plumbing systems. Instant information will be sent to the user via email or a text message with the possibility to automatically shut down water supply. One less thing to worry about.

Domotics gives you the best and the most beautiful alarm integration. Presence detectors, adequately and discreetly built into the interior have a double role- when the space is empty the sensors are burglar alarm systems and instantly send you the information about any unauthorized access.

If somebody rings the intercom or at the door, you get the picture or a video to your phone, computer or a tablet. The next time you go on vacation, really leave all your troubles behind- everything will be all right- the plants will be watered according to the schedule, at night certain lights or TV simulators will be turned on, and just before you return the space will be ventilated and brought to optimal temperature with minimal energy consumption.

Video cameras, motion detectors and alarms, adequately integrated and always available on a phone, a tablet or a computer give you the possibility to virtually monitor your holiday home or some other space during longer periods when you are not physically present. Stay calm and peaceful because the price of the whole system usually does not exceed the price of damage one unlucky incident can make!

Dynamic, Fast and Economical

You own a flat or a house where you can not spend as much time as you would like. The best and most efficient way to make the moments spent in your space better, nicer, more comfortable, but also more efficient is to install a home automation system. Change the scenery in a few seconds – at a push of a button change your work setting, dominated by your desk, into an inviting party space- the lights will momentarily go into the dimmed mode, some lamps will be turned on or off, perhaps a shade of light will additionally underline the music that will be played everywhere, except maybe in spaces you want to exclude. The ability of the house to instantly transform and suit different needs – from a modern office to a comfortable home and back- perfectly matches the fast and intensive pace of life of a modern professional.

Without a home automation system a space is simply not complete.

There is really no need to burden a curious homeowner with many laws and regulations, and some very interesting concepts, such as the green constructions, let us just say that in the nearest future the development of our space will, although not necessarily at the same pace, follow the constant improvements to your phone.

By installing a home automation system you are buying a ticket to the future of living – it is to be expected that in the next years the integrated home control systems will catch on significantly.

By connecting different technologies into a compact and reliable system you achieve not only a higher level of comfort, beauty, efficiency and simplicity of living – by connecting all components, the whole space becomes intelligent and enables different systems to communicate. The shades and windows will be synchronized with the HVAC systems, all in sync with the lights, big energy consumers will work during lower tariff hours, and certain events, such as walking into a room will trigger specified sequence of events.

We finally come to the essence and the question we have been trying to formulate in this text – What are the main reasons to install a home automation / domotics system in your house, business space, apartment or a holiday home?

Significant improvement of the quality of life and the feeling of comfort

Enabling some new and unique aesthetic and dynamic space solutions

Superior performance, energy efficiency, time-energy-money-saving solutions

Safety, protection of our dearest, security, being informed at any given moment

Control in the real sense of the word – creating an intelligent habitat at your own measure

The authors of the text are Radiša Jovanović, PhD. and Marko Aleksendrić, PhD.  They are experienced mechanical engineers, whose field of expertise covers programming and design work, through intertwining of various technologijes.  

Cubo Control is an engineering and programming studio that loves technology, automatics, Italian design, but also programming of computers and other devices: from window shades to mobile phones, from basement temperature to ship engines. It is founded with the idea to provide a unified offer of high-quality solutions at affordable prices in the field of contemporary automatics, especially domotics and industrial automatization, through careful selection of high-class equipment and affirmation of state-of-the-art concepts of comfort and energy efficiency.


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