Is it time for the house to finally become a machine?

Contemporary home is filled with various electronic devices, that pile-up in time and become more and more important in our lives, taking over more and more functions. Ergo, they become smart. This does not apply only to the devices usually considered smart – from computers to telephones, but also to those that exist in our home for a long time already – you probably don’t know what your new TV can do.

We are slowly getting used to networking these smart devices, allowing them to communicate amongst themselves – as it eases our work, as well as enjoying in music or movies. But what if we wish to go a step further and network and automatize other parts of the house?

For, the house is a machine for living. Technological development enabled us to consider using advanced systems for management of  lighting, heating and cooling, surveillance and security, shading… Your home won’t have a teleport, moving walls and hologram projectors any time soon, but many everyday activities will surely be much easier to do.

In cooperation with Cubo Control company from Belgrade, we have prepared a comprehensive overview of domotics – home automatization. Experts in this field Radiša Jovanović, PhD. and Marko Aleksendrić, PhD. are the authors of texts that will follow at our site, through which we are trying to make this topic more familiar to designers – architects, interior designers, HVAC, plumbing and electrical engineers, but also to investors/developers and end-users.


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