A lecture on the application of the Urban Design Compendium was held at the Faculty for construction manqagement of the Union University in Belgrade on 22.2.2013. On behalf of the Centre for Architecture Belgrade this publication was presented to architecture students by editors Goran Petrović and Darko Polić.

FGM, Lecture, Priručnik za urbani dizajn, Urban design, Urban Design Compendium

URBAN DESIGN COMPENDIUM (Priručnik za urbani dizajn) editors of the Serbian edition Goran Petrović and Darko Polić published by Orion Art and Prograf, Belgrade, 2008. This book is an adopted translation of the Urban Design Compendium, originally published by the English Partnerships, a pioneer of urban renewall and regeneration in England. It thoroughly describes the methodology applied and proscribed by this agency to all its partners, based on the promotion of design quality as key to sucessful project implementation. It contains clearly defined problems that are, according to the authors, the most important in the process of urban renewall, as well as recomentations on how they should be resolved, in order to acheive proclamed values of urban space. That way, developers, planners and designers, but also the local community, all have a guide through their projects, while local authorities get a tool for evaluating proposals. www.urbandesigncompendium.co.uk

Priručnik za urbani dizajn, Urban design, Urban Design Compendium