Jelenа Atаnаcković Jeličić, PhD, the first graduated architect from the Faculty of technical sciences in Novi Sad, and today a teacher there herself, as part of the current project by CAB: Women in Architecture, speaks about Novi Sad school of architecture, her work with students and the architecture today.

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One of the most successful Serbian architects of the younger generation, Grozdana Šišović from the architectural studio re:act, as part of the current project by CAB: Women in Architecture speaks about the female contribution to teamwork and dedication necessary to achieve success.  

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Second Girls High School

The author of several monumental buildings that still stand in the heart of Belgrade, Milica Krstić Čolak Antić has broken all prejudice on women in architecture by her professional and personal example.

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Co-founder of the non-government organization EXPEDITIO, Biljana Gligorić, as part of the current project by CAB: Women in Architecture, talks about responsibility, ethics and the role of architects in transition societies. 

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Prof. Eva Vaništa Lazarević, PhD, speaks of  her professional development, challenges and successes and gives advice to younger colleagues as part of the current project by CAB: Women in Architecture.

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In the first feature of the current project by CAB: Women in Architecture, art historian Bojana Ibrajter Gazibara introduces us to the life and work of Jelisaveta Načić, the first woman architect in Serbia.

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The global architectural community has been discussing the topic of Women in Architecture for quite some time. From research on the status of women in the architectural practice, discussions on Architect Barbie, through features focusing on forgotten women of the architectural past, up to the activities of specialized professional associations, this topic has become a serious movement which aims to draws focus and create change in the way the architectural professions works, and to turn the hermetic architectural community into a contemporary and lively profession which is enriched and improved by the diversity of its members.

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In the first part of the text we introduced you to two of  Bjarke Ingels projects, done with studio PLOT, both located in the central zone of the new south suburb of Copenhagen. In this second part of the text we present a mixed use development -  the 8 House, the newest built work of studio BIG in this series. The 8 House is situated at the very edge of South Ørestada, behind which there is a vast flat grass landscape of Denmark and the sea.

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Visionary housing architecture by Bjarke Ingels in Copenhagen. If you are planning  a visit to Copenhagen and exploring it's many tourist features, all official guides will first direct you to tourist spots such as the main pedestrian street Strøget, the Royal Palace, the old theme park Tivoli or the Little Mermaid statue. However, what makes Copenhagen different then other European capitals is that it's also famous for contemporary architecture.

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The architecture world was saddened yesterday by the news of the death of Lebbeus Woods, esteemed architect, professor and theorist of architecture. He died in his sleep in his apartment in New York at the age of 72.

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