Activities of the Centre for Architecture

Work of Centre for Architecture encompasses a series of activities aimed at promoting the role and importance of architecture and architects, establishing a dialog inside the profession and with other actors of urban development, and supporting innovative and advanced design methods. We ourselves contribute to this dialog by working on architectural and urban proposals and solutions that strive to improve the built environment.

The activities of the Centre for Architecture include:

  • gathering information and forming various databases;
  • organization of competitions, exhibitions, conferences and seminars, excursions, following foreign achievements;
  • publications;
  • cooperation with other domestic and foreign organizations and institutions;
  • support of scientific development and education;
  • awarding prizes and recognitions for outstanding achievements;
  • gathering, analysis and valorization of publications, technical documentation and other archive materials related to building heritage, in order to preserve the results of work of previous generations as the basis for new research;
  • forming of a business incubator for young professionals and promising students;
  • support in passing laws and bylaws;
  • support for experimental projects and studies, aiming on improvement of the natural or built environment ;
  • supporting the application of state-of-the-art building concepts;
  • encouraging and promoting sustainable and energy efficient principles of building, renewal and use of buildings, as well as sustainable spatial development in general;
  • work aimed at establishing conditions for improvement of communication among stakeholders of urban life: state administration, local communities, business sector, investors and building industry, citizens and their associations, experts and the public.