Common space in Rome

Milena Zindović of Centre for Architecture Belgrade was invited by lecturers from Tunghai University in Taiwan to participate as a guest critic at the final presentation of the Tunghai architecture summer studio in Rome, which took place end of July in the Cornell AAP studio space in Rome.

The workshop entitled ‘Building the Common Space’ was led by Luca Garofalo of the Roman architecture studio IaN+, and assisted by Tien Ling, lecturer at the architecture department of Tunghai University. 18 students of the Tunghai University from Taiwan attended the workshop, and in groups of two worked on conceptual proposals for a religious space located in either the Roman Forum or the courtyard that houses the visitor’s center, opposite the Forum entrance.

The aim of this short but fruitful workshop was to explore the relationship of architecture and urban heritage through design and function of a religious building, which can as well be seen as public/common space. In the complex and historical Rome, it is a challenge to create a common space which would allow the public, the citizens and the common interests to reclaim the public historical spaces which are today mostly populated by tourist.

The workshop’s final presentation showcased 9 projects, which answered the topis in interesting ways and enriched the discussion on religion, architecture, culture and public space with an Eastern perspective and understanding. Other guest critics were Carmelo Baglivo, co-founder of IaN+, and Juan Carlos Artolozaga, graduate student at Cornell University.

Each year Tunghai University from Taiwan organizes a summer studio in Rome for its students. The students are introduced to roman and Italian history, culture and architecture and, in co-operation with lecturers from Cornell University, participate in an architectural workshop that allows them to creatively express the ideas and inspiration taken from their time in Italy in the form of actual proposals for the city’s urban space.

Student work:

Praying in the wall by Ting-Wei Lee and Ta-Wei Chen

Living pillars by Yu-Ching Huang and Wei-Ting Liu

Praying room beneath the water by Yun-Chu Liang and Po-Chen Wu

Il Segreto Giardino by Tyson Chen and William Chen

Photos: Tien Ling


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